This page is devoted to debate regarding covid19. Debate has largely become a bad word, bringing to mind talking heads on TV screaming at each other for 3 minutes and never getting anywhere. We must fix that. We must focus on saving debate if we want to save our democracy. Due to debate being such a lost art, we probably need to first have a series of big metadebates. But for now, here are some debates over the response to covid19.

Covid19 Debates:

Youtube playlist:

Notice anyone missing from the compilation of covid19 debates? Public figures who have been instrumental in locking us down, like Dr. Fauci and Neil Ferguson? Don't be too surprised. Fauci has never cared much for debate. And Neil Ferguson is still hiding after his Imperial Model was revealed to be a scam and was caught having an affair, in defiance of lockdown measures that his figures helped spawn. Nonetheless, these 2 men and others like them are the most important people to have in a long, deep discussion about the response to covid19.

They will never do it, so we must get creative. My hope is to get a rich person like Elon Musk to pledge a million dollars for Dr. Fauci to have a long (10 hours? 100k per hour isn't too shabby) debate with someone like John Ioannidis or Jay Bhattacharya. Fauci almost certainly won't debate because, so it won't cost anything, and the reach of someone like Elon Musk will get a lot of publicity and show Fauci's true colors to a wide audience.