is devoted to helping fight against mass hysterias, particularly the mass hysteria around covid-19, which may be the worst mass hysteria since the war on drugs or the post-9/11 war fervor.

Covid hysteria has swept the world and, in the process, swept away a great part of the global economy, personal freedoms and social norms in the process. Not to mention, the worst part of the hysteria - the lockdowns - have done very little to nothing to save lives and will surely kill many more people than they could possibly save. The vast array of lockdown side-effects have not even begun to be understood or compiled, which is another project this site will undertake. We can not weigh costs and benefits of locking down until we begin to compile them.

Since there are already many other sites compiling news and studies regarding the negative effects of the covid hysteria, The Anti-Hysteric will try to focus on original research, as well as deciphering the most fundamental issues that have lead to this problem and how to deal with these issues.

Issues such as the lack of debate in our society, concentration of wealth and other forms of power, education systems that emphasize obedience over critical thinking, technological factors, the trend towards extreme social isolation, etc.

There will also be an emphasis put on bringing people together for debate and helping the debates get large audiences. Up until now, there have been a few covid debates, but they have gained very little attention, which is as disturbing as it is problematic.

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