An (unresponded to) email to the woman whose high school science project led to lockdowns

I managed to track down and email Laura Glass, whose high school science project was largely the birthplace of the lockdown idea. She did not respond, so I will just publish the email I sent to her (with identifying information removed.) She has changed her name and moved from science to religion, so I am guessing she just wants to leave this piece of history behind. I still must hope she find the courage to speak out.

Sorry if this is invasive, but I have sought you out because I came across a story featuring you in The NY Times and found your part of the story rather incredible. I researched you briefly and think that you have significant power to help stop the lockdowns. And I suspect that you may want to use that power. I know you probably have reservations about being interviewed (publicly) about a school project you did 15 years ago. I read that you turned down a newspaper in NM. If it helps - I’m just a failed journalist nobody with a blog that focuses on “mass hysteria”, so there’s a decent chance that no one will see it. But really, if you want to help stop the lockdowns, you should probably talk to someone at NYTimes so that a lot of people see it.

 I am sure you have thought a lot about the lockdowns, and I feel that we probably share a similar opinion of them. As do most people probably at this point. Your speaking out against them could help get valuable additional attention to the issue of ending the lockdowns and perhaps some of the fundamental issues that led to them. And, beyond that, I am genuinely curious to hear your what took you from science to religion, since it seemed you were well poised for a career in science. I am guessing that it maybe had to do with growing up around a place that made nukes.

In your (redacted) interview you spoke of “trusting your gut.” This, along with your interest in religion, makes me think that you have what I would consider a healthy skepticism about the limits of science and the role of “heart” in balancing out “mind.” I would love to hear any thoughts you may have about that is something that has been on my mind a bit lately…science/mind vs heart/intuition.

The Dhammapada says: “Let the wise man guard his thoughts, for they are difficult to perceive, very artful, and they rush wherever they list:
thoughts well guarded bring happiness.
Those who bridle their mind which travels far, moves about alone,
is without a body, and hides in the chamber (of the heart), will be
free from the bonds of Mara (the tempter).”

Much science seems to not emphasize the mind being “well guarded” within the “chamber of heart” and hence is somewhat lost in the infinite complexity of the world – not seeing or ignoring the big picture. And capitalism is reducing scientists and doctors into cogs like everyone else. Its really scary, considering how quickly technology is developing, and with it more complexity and chaos/anomie.

Do you feel optimistic about the road we are on now? Considering science/technology is providing us so many ways to distract/divide/destroy ourselves and we, the non-elite, are becoming increasingly socially disconnected/powerless, how much faith in science do you have? I feel we are perhaps building a new Tower of Babel, with tech utopians trying to reach god like levels of power.

I sensed in your (redacted) interview that you were concerned about the lockdowns lasting a long time – focusing on it being targeted (“not having everybody in quarantine”) and not lasting “forever” and that you perhaps are concerned about people blaming you, saying “the work I did, it never simulated everybody being at home as much as possible.”

Let me say that I don’t blame you at all. You were a kid doing an interesting science project and what became of that is NOT your fault. But I do think that, if you are against the lockdowns, you should feel some sense of responsibility to speak out against them, given that people will listen (especially if you talk to or someone at that level) and that we need as many people speaking out as possible. In my opinion, anyone with a heart and a little interest in studying covid with a critical mind can see that the lockdowns are doing Much more harm than good. School closures, which your model specialized in, especially do not make sense, as flu kills more kids than covid19 and kid to adult transmission has been pretty well established to be minimal for covid19. Your voice could be very valuable for this issue especially.

You might find this interesting. I find it very interesting...We used Sandia supercomputers to make bombs more deadly, run simulations that helped lead to the creation of modern lockdowns, and now to make rushed mRNA vaccines that we barely need for major criminal organizations like Pfizer which have no legal liability for the side effects of their vaccines. Also, vaccines, even if they do work well, are tied intimately into the lockdown and all of its negative effects (because we are “waiting for the vaccine” to reopen.) With scientists like these, who needs evil scientists hidden away in lairs? Not to say that they are evil, but they could probably use some help getting their minds back within their hearts and stop their self-serving myopia that keeps them employed in a vicious machine.

Please let me know if you don’t have any interest in talking, and I will leave you alone. I hope you will at least explain why though. If you want to talk off the record, that’s better than nothing.

Thanks for your time and I hope this wasn’t too long-winded or offensive to you.

Happy new years.

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