Good covid19 movies and shows

Inside Job - a documentary of how the financial elite conspired to milk everyone else for short term profits and destroy the global economy. And they got bonuses for doing it. Narrated by Matt Damon. Won an Oscar.

The Shining - one of the best horrors of all time. And, like covid, its terrifying with a relatively minor death toll. Also a great portrayal of the dangers of prolonged isolation and stress. Especially this scene, which touches on the conflict between overblown medical problems and the economy.

Equilibrium - a dystopian sci-fi movie about maintaining peace by disconnecting people socially/emotionally. "Its gone, everything that makes us what we are - traded away."

Children of Men - beautiful dystopian movie where a mysterious medical issue destabilizes the world. People must get "transit papers" to travel outside of their area.

V for Vendetta - Dystopian sci-fi movie set in a police-state version of London. Fascism brought about largely due to manmade virus.

The Matrix - a dystopian sci-fi movie about machines turning people into batteries. People can be awoken and unplug from the virtual reality that keeps them complacent with their cog-like state.

The Village - a horror movie in which a village of people are trapped/locked-down by mysterious monsters in the woods surrounding their village.

Network (1976) - one of the best criticisms of the media ever. Shows how the news has been corrupted by money, and how the media in general is a tool of the elite.

A Face in the Crowd - another great movie about the media. Emphasis on its attracting narcissists, being used by politicians, and catering to the lowest common denominator.

Black Mirror - most episodes have some relevance to the underlying issues of scientism and tech utopianism that are part of covid, especially 15 Million Merits (where people live in a screen-world) and Nosedive (where social media points control most peoples' behavior.)

Watchmen - *spoiler alert* - an evil genius kills a lot of people across the world in the name of saving humanity.

I am Legend - a good one if the vaccines goes bad. Vaccines backfire in a terrible way in this sci-fi horror movie.

Its obligatory to have a zombie movie on the list. But its too hard to pick, so I choose 28 Days Later and the original Night of the Living Dead.

13th - a documentary about the 13th amendment, which has a provision for allowing slavery to continue via the prison system. The mass hysteria known as the war on drugs has led to many poor (especially minority) people being used as slave labor through this amendment. Remember, the War on Drugs was widely popular for a long time and had many "experts" supporting it.

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