Joe Rogan on Lockdowns

"There was no debate" said Joe Rogan of Youtube's censorship of doctors with different opinions on covid19 treatment and prevention. In a recent Alex Jones interview, Joe explained that he left Youtube partly because the censored doctors should have been shown "why they were wrong...very cautiously, carefully and kindly."

Joe has yet to have any major-scientist/lockdown-critics come on, though he has talked about the negative side of lockdowns quite a bit, and left California for Austin, TX largely due to them. He may be the most prominent media personality who is critical of lockdowns to the extent that he has been, often focusing on the negative aspects of locking down and even Bill Gates.

In perhaps the most awkward staredown ever on The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) a somewhat disturbing clip of Bill Gates talking about a vaccine's side effects is shown to a version of Joe who never got into exercise or self discipline, well...Joe tries to show him.

On March 31 Joe said: "We have to walk that very fine balance of protecting people and preserving our freedom...We have to find a way to return to normalcy...Its going to be really interesting to see how much control the government maintains...We are in new territory. Totalitarian ideas thrive when people are scared. If you were going to take over civilization, it would be done this way. There are tanks driving down the road in California and NYC...military vehicles in camo." The last sentence looks to possibly be based on bad info.

Here, on March 21, Rogan talks about the "staggering debt" people will face due to having their jobs taken and how most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. "Most Americans are fucked and now with this dip..and they are talking about extending it (the lockdown)...I just don't know if they have a plan."

Dave Chappelle came on JRE in November and asked Joe if he would take a vaccine, as well as saying that we, as a nation, are watching the drug making process take place together for the first time. "An accelerated version of it...this happened really quick" added Joe, remarking on the abnormal speed at which vaccines were being developed.

"It feels like we are rewriting our social contracts. The whole thing. And covid is an accelerant on the process that I never could have imagined. People are stuck in their house...What does this do to society?" Chappelle mused.

Joe Rogan is a surprisingly smart guy who is a really good debate moderator. I have watched quite a few long debates on his show and I think he is one of the best debate moderators I have seen. I was really excited about the idea of Trump and Biden debating on his program.

Today, Alex Berenson, one of Joe's past debate participants, announced he will be going on JRE, making him the first major lockdown critic to get on. This should be good! Stay tuned.

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