800 doctor petition in Oregon against leaving safety bubble for holiday

On November 24, Putlizer Prize winner and perhaps Oregon's most prominent journalist, Nigel Jaquiss, wrote this article about 800 doctors signing a petition that says "Any promotion of in-person social gatherings outside of our households or 'bubbles' is dangerous and irresponsible."

Dr. Paul Lewis, who started the petition, is not an epidemiologist, but is an expert in infectious diseases and his "current projects include decreasing opioid-related deaths" which have gone up 70% during the covid19 hysteria. Perhaps he should get back to focusing on that.

There are only 2 results for epidemiologist. Melissa Sutton, MD, MPH, who works for OHA, which is a major propagator of covid hysteria, and so on the fringes politically that they awarded $145,000 to a van, known as Snack Bloc, distributing food to protesters/rioters - while mass gatherings were illegal for everyone else. Here is a list of their CARES act equity grants, from most money to least. Note that the top recipient has no active website and received 10x more money than Oregon Food Bank, who supplies food to 1400 food pantries.

The other epidemiologist, Douglas Lyon MD, has no PhD or MPH, but is an "EIS fellow" trained in epidemiology.

This isn't to imply that only epidemiologists should have opinions about covid19, but the amount of epidemiologists supporting it is a good indicator of its legitimacy. And the amount of doctors who get in no real trouble due to policing themselves at a time when America spends more on healthcare than any other country and is the sickest, healthcare fraud is rampant and medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death, is also a good measure of legitimacy of the field of medicine.

On the other side of the lockdown debate, just from Stanford alone, there are 2 epidemiologists who are against the lockdowns. Jay Bhattacharya - one of the founders of the Great Barrington Declaration. And John Ioannidis, who is also a metascientist, one of the most influential scientists alive, and the first major critic of Theranos. Also, both have been in multiple public debates about covid19 lockdowns - a good indicator of earnestness and comfort with level of expertise.

Among Oregon scientists, it is hard to find even one debate, though I have found a discussion among parties interested in reopining schools, including PSU professor of Global Health and Consumer Health, Leslie Bienen. There is also ed300.org which is trying to reopen Oregon schools.

We need to be having a lot of discussions about this topic between people on both sides of the debate, but there is almost none. Even when super-liberal OPB is acknowledging that there are a lot of "unexplained" excess deaths aka lockdown deaths, there is minimal public discourse over the lockdowns. Kate Brown should at least have a roundtable discussion with eminent lockdown critics for a couple hours like Gov Ron DeSantis did. It is incredibly anti-scientific to just listen to one side of an argument when both sides are full of prominent experts in relevant fields. Though only one side has the first person to call out one of the biggest medical frauds in modern history - Theranos.

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