Two emails to Nigel Jaquiss – Portland, Oregon Pulitzer Prize winner

I recently sent 2 emails, as well as some tweets, to Nigel Jaquiss, Pultizer Prize winning journalist at Willamette Week. He has ignored them all. Nigel, who was an oil derivatives trader for 11 years, despite taking on the establishment on a local level, apparently is no match for a global hysteria. He calls people who don't fall in line "covid-deniers" and has no time to speak to lockdown critics, even if offered good money.

Here are the emails that I sent to him.

Email 1: 12/13/2020

Hello Mr. Jaquiss.

I’m a fellow Portland resident and have read your reporting on the effects of covid19, as well as the effects of the lockdown, and I appreciate your covering both issues.

I have yet to see you give a careful, thorough comparison of the cost/benefits of lockdown though. Perhaps I missed it? If not, have you thought to do such, considering that the lockdown is having extremely negative effects on our state/country/world and covid19 seems rather mild in comparison, especially when you factor in YPLL.

Also, lockdowns don’t seem to do much to stop covid, at least in countries that still have remnants of freedom. And to the extent that they do stop covid, there are still many other ILI that compete with covid to pick off the weakest among us (hence the massive drop in flu deaths many places), which we can’t just vaccinate away.

I would love to have a long discussion with you about covid19 and the lockdowns. I would even pay good money for you to do so if we can record it.

I really believe the answer to so many of our problems can be found in earnest people having long discussions/debates, and showing others how that looks. And I think you can afford to be honest due to your Pulitzer prize, like Michael Levitt and John Ioannidis can be honest due to their levels of prestige.

People only know public relations these days. They have no idea what mutual truth-seeking even looks like, much less how to go about it, and nihilism/hedonism is beginning to take over largely due to that absence of displays of earnest truthseeking, in my opinion. So this is very important to me.

Thanks for your time.

-Brian Jensen

Concerned, covid-obsessed citizen

Email 2: 12/15/20

Nigel, I hope you are considering my proposal for a long discussion about covid. To show you my lack of extreme bias and my level of extreme interest in covid, here’s a blog post of mine about Dr. Pierre Kory, who recently testified to the US Senate about ivermectin being a miracle drug for covid19.

Kory is part of FLCCC, which is still citing the Surgisphere study as proof of ivermectin’s efficacy. See citation 178. You may want to download the FLCCC file soon if you care to cover this uncovered story, because I just emailed FLCCC about it.

Thanks for your time.

-Brian Jensen

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