An (unresponded to) email to Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, and the need for debate.

11/30/2020 (2 weeks ago)

Mr. Ferguson, would you be willing to have a long form debate with a critic of the lockdown?

Thank you.

-Brian Jensen

Concerned Citizen

Not surprising that Professor Ferguson didn't respond. People who shield themselves from debate are one of the most obvious types of con artists.

Notice that Fauci, despite his constant TV appearances, has not had one debate on covid19 so far. Unless you count his forced appearance with Rand Paul.

Here is a brief clip of a Nobel Prize winner (inventor of PCR test, which was abused to drive up case numbers for covid19) speaking harshly about Fauci, including Fauci's refusal to debate him.

"Most of those guys at the top are just total administrative people...they've got an agenda.

If Fauci wants to get on TV with someone who knows a little about this stuff and debate them, he could easily do it. Because he's been asked. The president of USC asked him to come down and debate me on stage, because I wanted somebody from the other side to balance, but Fauci didn't want to do it." - Kary Mullis (Slightly edited for readability)

If long-form debate/discussion is the solution, then the question becomes how to compel people who don't want to have that discussion into doing so.

I think one possible solution is this:

Elon may be the only billionaire who has spoken out against the covid hysteria, making him a prime candidate to make this offer to Fauci. Elon has also expressed interest in fixing journalism. This could be his chance to do a great service for journalism and also tackle covid hysteria, all without spending a dime. It will surely be spun somehow that Fauci shouldn't do it because its beneath him or something idiotic, but many people will intuitively know that it is absurd to turn down a lot of money to defend your stances on a topic that are having major ramifications across America. An honest person, like Kary Mullis, would probably do it for free or close to it.

Other than this method, the only other thing that comes to mind is Congressional subpoena or a lawsuit/deposition.

Can you think of any possibly-better ideas?

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