An (unresponded to) email to Professor Howard Koh of Harvard

Professor Koh,

Last year, in a Business Insider article, you said:

"The public health world is rapidly understanding that health is much more than what happens to you in a doctor's office," Koh said. "It happens where people live, learn, play, and pray."

Another excerpt: US policy-makers need to pay more attention to what he calls "leading causes of life," like building stronger communities that precipitate more vibrant social connections and help Americans rebuild a sense of purpose…

3 days ago:  0 results for despair, suicide, church, play.

“We are very excited to have a president elect who on his first day yesterday made it clear that addressing this pandemic was going to be his highest priority”

You are glad he will “empower scientists” – does that mean the scientists who disagree with the ones he chooses are not real scientists? Like the 3 outspoken epidemiologists at Stanford, including John Ioannidis – one of the most influential and respected scientists alive, and the first person to call out the scam that fooled seemingly every elitist in the country – Theranos.

Biden’s team is talking about a 6 week lockdown, further devastating small businesses, the non-rich, and our way of life/freedoms. What’s exciting about this? Did you forget what you said a year ago? Do you know the term ‘psychoneuroimmunology?’ Why is it okay to enable a mass hysteria over sick 80 year olds dying, but we can be calm and collected about 25-64 year old deaths skyrocketing from deaths of despair (and that was BEFORE covid even)? Why don’t you stop lockstepping with your fellow elitists and be on the right side of history? You have to know better than this. I know your ego can’t shield you from the truth That much.

Thank you for your time.

-Brian Jensen

Outraged Citizen


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